Hand-Selected Certified Diamonds


All of our hand-selected diamonds are evaluated at the world's most creditable laboratories: The Gemological Institution of America (GIA) and American Gem Society (AGS). Only a small percentage of diamonds make it through our strict quality control system.

Arthur’s Jewelers is the only jeweler to give you a Sparkle Guarantee. The GemEx BrillianceScope measures the light return and the sparkle score of each of our diamonds. Every one of Arthur’s thousands of diamonds comes with a Sparkle Guarantee, verified with the GemEx Light Performance Analysis. This lab report verifies the light performance and the sparkle score of your diamond.

We give you the sparkle score so you know immediately which diamond gives you more sparkle for your money. With the sparkle score, a novice can easily pick out the best diamond each and every time!

No other jeweler can provide you with the proof of sparkle that Arthur’s can. Every diamond has their own unique identity or sparkle score. Above and beyond the 4C’s, each diamond has a distinctive visual brilliance pattern. This is the Sparkle Factor. Arthur’s Jewelers can prove why our diamonds have more brilliance, fire, and sparkle. Arthur’s Jewelers will review the GemEx report with you and demonstrate the sparkle, or light return, right before your eyes.

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