Arthur's Jewelers has a legacy of providing support for nonprofit organizations and engaging with civic institutions in the cities and communities in which we operate. Our business is guided by the belief that a successful company has a responsibility to the greater community.

By supporting nonprofit organizations, Arthur's Jewelers seeks to build strong relationships in our local communities and to support organizations that work to make these communities better places to live. Contributing to these initiatives through direct giving, Arthur's Jewelers invests in organizations working in a variety of fields: children's well-being and growth, health and human services, the environment and other civic organizations.

Arthur's Jewelers has contributed to the following organizations:

Jeremiah Program, Meda, Children's Hospital, St Odilia School, Crescent Cove, St Odilia Men's Club, St Thomas University, MERSC, Rotary Roseville, Roseville High School, Moundsview High School, Blaine Youth Hockey, Keys Fundraiser, Roseville Festival, Mortan Cure Paralysis, Roseville Youth Hockey, St Paul Optimist Club, Children's Career Research Fund, & Pageant of Hope, and more.

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