Top 5 Wedding Ring Trends for 2022


Timeless doesn't have to be boring. Be inspired by the new trends and emerging designs can ensure that your ring will be something that’s on-trend now, but that you’ll love forever. Your engagement ring and wedding band should represent your personal style and your unique relationship.  Here are the 2022 trends on how the wedding and jewelry industry is embracing new and modern designs while remaining classic and everlasting.  



Bold & Edgy
Why settle for less when you could make a statement? Bold settings with edgy details are the must-watch trends for this year.  Wedding rings are fearless representations of love, commitment, and style for you and your partner. Hammered gold, spike detailing, and a mix of delicately set diamonds, these pieces are sure to be unique and eye-catching.



Contoured Stacks
Change the look of a ring without changing a thing. When layered together, your rings can create a personalized story that can be added to over the years while celebrating your many anniversaries and marriage milestones. Discover what contoured stacks, curved rings or enhancers are all about!



Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This timeless pairing is sure to draw attention to your ring stack and will be the perfect accessory to any engagement ring. Choose from any diamond shape to enhance your engagement ring. 



Colorful Stones
Say "yes" to a colorful wedding band!  Whether your engagement ring is a classic diamond or a boldly colored gemstone, it can be perfectly paired with a vibrant wedding band to match your personal style.  Gemstone bands effortlessly provide a touch of color and intrigue to your engagement ring.



Toi Et Moi
A Toi et Moi ring is a bypass ring—a ring that coils around the finger—with two complementary gemstones. In French, "toi et moi" means "you and me." 
This type of ring is a stunning representation of  a design that ties souls together.  Your wedding band and engagement ring should feel just as right together as you and your partner when you finally say, “I Do”.




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