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The perfection of every Simon G. engagement ring lies in the detail of the cut and the perfection of the craftsmanship. Each piece has been perfected by the effort and hard work of skilled workers. The idea behind each Simon G engagement rings is to use your own hands to carve something beautiful. Jewelry making was more of a hobby for Simon Ghanimian.

This slowly evolved into a full-time profession. Registering the brand was another story. Since Simon Ghanimian was too long a name to register at the City Hall, hence was born the name Simon G. Managed by just Simon and his wife, in the beginning, today the brand has 60 people working for it. Each individual works on the fine details of jewelry making. Simon G Engagement rings are the right choice for rings for soon to wed couples.

At Arthur's Jewelers we feature a beautiful range of Simon G. engagement rings. With engagement bands in different shapes thathavebeen carved differently, Simon G brings awe-inspiring designs in the Arthur's Jewelers collectionof weddingrings and wedding bands.

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