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Wedding Ring Event

Wedding Ring Event


You are invited to experience a wedding ring shopping event at Arthur's Jewelers. We will have over 4,000 Wedding Rings plus we will be unveiling the NEW Wedding bands from the largest jewelry convention in Las Vegas this weekend.
See the NEW collections of wedding rings from Tacori, Simon G, Verragio, Chris Ploof, Lashbrook, ArtCarved and many more. 

Wednesday, August 1st (10am-6pm)

Thursday, August 2nd (10am-8pm)

Friday, August 3rd (10am-8pm)

Saturday, August 4th (10am-6pm)

Exclusive 4-DAYS of Savings

  • We will Pay your Sales Tax!
  • $50 to $100 OFF each Wedding Ring
  • View Thousands of Wedding Rings and Bands
  • FREE Sports Band with any Men's Band over $500
  • 12 Months Interest-Free Financing Available
  • Up to 36 Months to 60 Months Financing Available

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Wedding Rings - Metal Guide

Finding the ring metal for your wedding rings is very important. Use our guide to metals to help you choose the right metal for you. Compare precious metals to alternative metals before buying.

Many of our wedding bands are available in 15 different metal types: 14k or 18k white, rose or yellow gold, palladium, platinum, cobalt, Damascus steel, Elysium, hardwood, meteorite, mokume gane, sterling silver, tungsten carbide, titanium, and zirconium.


Men's Wedding Ring - Metal Guide

White Gold Wedding Band White GoldDetails: White gold is an alloy of gold mixed with some white metals such as silver, palladium or nickel. It’s silvery white character makes it an appealing metal to use in jewelry. Often, white gold is plated with Rhodium to make the white gold look even more white.Shop Bands
Rose GoldDetails: The beautiful pink hue of rose gold jewelry is created by using copper in the alloy. It offers a modern twist on a classic material. Rose gold will not fade or change in color over time.Shop Bands
Yellow Gold Wedding BandYellow GoldDetails: Yellow gold has a natural warm color and high resistance to rust, tarnish and corrosion. It is a very strong metal, but still soft enough to be worked into interesting shapes.Shop Bands
Palladium BandPalladiumDetails: Palladium is a silver-white metal from the platinum group that will not tarnish in the air and remains forever white. It is one of the rarest and scarce metals in the world. Palladium is hypoallergenic—it is nickel free and contains no skin irritants. Palladium rings are 95% pure. They are very durable and will last for a lifetime.Shop Bands
Platinum Wedding BandPlatinumDetails: Our most popular choice for wedding and engagement rings due to its hardness, rarity and naturally white sheen that will never fade or change color.Shop Bands
Cobalt Wedding RingCobaltDetails: Cobalt Chrome is an alloy, made up of a mixture of Chromium, Cobalt and a few other metals. Cobalt Chrome is a bright white metal with a brilliant luster. The metal has the heft of gold and the look of rhodium-plated platinum while being many times harder and more durable than both.Shop Bands
Damascus Steel RingDamascus SteelDetails: These rings are made by hand, mimicking ancient metalsmithing techniques originally used to make samurai swords. No two designs look exactly alike. These rings contain Stainless steel which contains nickel and is not a good choice for those with a nickel allergy.Shop Bands
 Elysium Wedding RingElysiumDetails: Elysium rings are a solid diamond. Diamond is the hardest material on earth and cannot be scratched, except by another diamond. Elysium rings can be broken off for emergency removal, it is possible for the ring to break if abused. These rings will break when dropped at heights of 16 feet.Shop Bands
 Hardwood Wedding RingsHardwood Details: Hardwood rings feature real, exotic hardwood. Our hardwood comes only through reputable channels to support the sustainability of hardwoods and to avoid the illegal exporting of protected species. The wood species represent 13 of the most beautiful, rare and exotic hardwoods available in the world, all coming from a variety of countries and representing nearly every major region of the world.Shop Bands
 MeteoriteMeteoriteDetails: Gibeon Meteorite was formed in space 4 billion years ago. It is only found in Namibia, Africa, and the government has banned the export of Gibeon Meteorite which means it is increasing in value and limited supply.Shop Bands
 Mokume Gane RingMokume GaneDetails: Mokume is made by forging together different precious metal layers, then twisting and hand working the metal into stunning patterns. Each ring is truly one of a kind.Shop Bands
 Tungsten and Ceramic RingTungsten Carbide and CeramicDetails: Tungsten Carbide is a chemical compound containing tungsten and carbon, similar to titanium carbide and has extreme hardness. Tungsten carbide is also used as a scratch-resistant material for jewelry including watch bands and wedding rings. Tungsten rings will break when dropped from 8 feet high.Shop Bands
Sterling Silver RingSterling SilverDetails: Silver will tarnish and lose its bright shiny color easily. Jewelers will not use Silver since it is less expensive because of its flaws.Shop Bands
Zirconium Wedding RingZirconiumDetails: Zirconium is an element on the periodic table. It has incredible chemical resistance and does not readily react with solvents, acids, bases or other common chemicals. Such unique characteristics make Zirconium a great material to use in exotic applications. Zirconium is an ideal choice for customization in a modern, black ring.Shop Bands
 Titanium Wedding RingsTitaniumDetails: Titanium is a light grey metal with great durability and strength. The metal will scuff and show wear over time. These rings cannot be cut off your finger in an emergency. Shop Bands

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The Twin Cities Men's Wedding Band Destination
Are you looking for a wedding band that is simple and classic or sparkling and unique?  Arthur's Jewelers is the Twin Cities wedding band destination! Arthur's has over 3,000 wedding bands in stock, available in any metal plus you can customize the finish on your band.

All of our Lashbrook wedding bands can be crafted in Platinum, Palladium, 14k and 18k White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Cobalt, and Black Zirconium.

Arthur's Collection of wedding bands are available in many different finishes from distressed and satin to high polished. 

Customize your own wedding band.

Are you looking for a unique wedding ring?

We have the largest selection of alternativeMetals;
Cobalt, Damascus Steel, Elysium(Black Diamond), Meteorite, Mokume Gane, Tungsten Carbide, and Zirconium.
The most extraordinary designers with the most exquisite designs:
TacoriVerragioSimon G, Chris Ploof, &ArtCarved
$50 Off Wedding BandsFree Sports Band with men's band over $500$100 Off Wedding Bands

1 Year Interest-Free Financing or up to 5 Years Financing Available!



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