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Verragio Fine Jewelry

Verragio Fine Jewelry coming soon to Arthur's Jewelers.


Available for a Limited Preview on March 30 - April 1, 2023.

  • Come see what all the sparkle is about…Verragio Fine Jewelry is in-store for a limited preview. 
  • The wait is almost over…Verragio Fine Jewelry arrives on March 30 - April 1 for a limited preview.
  • Exclusively at Arthur's Jewelers
  • A brilliant new collection is unveiled at Arthur's Jewelers: Verragio Fine Jewelry


September is all about Sapphires

Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Sapphire Season
September is all about sapphires.
Discover top styles for a September anniversary or birthday celebration.

Pear cut Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

Shy Creation Gorgeous halo sapphire and diamond pendantUnique sapphire and diamond circle pendant

Circle Sapphire and Diamond PendantUnique sapphire and diamond clover pendant



Royalty & Wisdom
A gemstone of many shades, sapphires are believed to bring the wearer abundance and good fortune.

Sapphire Ring Stack

Sapphire Ring Stack
The only rule for building your ring stack - make it celebrate your individuality: match metals and stones, mix it all up, have fun and create your own beautiful reality.




Sapphire Earrings
Stunning sapphire earrings are beautiful pieces of jewelry for those seeking to dress up their look. This ravishing blue gemstone comes in a range of hues. 


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