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Featured Designers: Mark Silverstein
Each engagement ring by Mark Silverstein is entwined and entangled in glitz and glamour. The twists and turns of the rings mark the splendor of love, coming together at the center of the band where the rock-solid diamond outshines everything else.
Featured Designers: Simon G
The perfection of every Simon G. engagement ring lies in the detail of the cut and the perfection of the craftsmanship. Each piece has been perfected by the effort and hard work of skilled workers. The idea behind each Simon G engagement rings is to use your own hands to carve something beautiful.
Featured Designers: Verragio
Verragio is a name that is famous against those who delight in fine luxury jewelry. Prestigious and glamorous, jewelry by Verragio is refreshingly alluring.
Featured Designers: Tacori
The Tacorian family’s proud tradition of passion is expressed in everything they create. Spanning four decades, Tacori designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry.

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