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Diamond Stud Earrings

Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings

Shop Arthur's Jewelers new Diamond Stud Earring Page.  You can choose between Lab-Grown Diamonds or Earth mined diamonds. 

All of our Earth Mined Diamonds are G-H in color and you can select the diamond clarity. 


Arthur's Jewelers has the BEST Lifetime Diamond Upgrade!

Diamond Stud Earring Policy

  • We will return to you the exact price you paid for your diamond earrings (excluding tax).
  • You will need to spend only $1 more. (while most jewelers require you to spend double your original purchase price).
  • At Arthur's, you can upgrade your diamond earrings as many times as you desire and watch your earrings grow over the years to a half carat, 1, or 2-carat diamond stud earrings.

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Lab Grown Diamonds versus Earth Mined Diamonds
Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds — not simulants. Instead of forming over millions of years in the earth’s mantle, they are created in rough crystal form by scientists. They are optical, visually, and chemically identical to natural diamonds. Learn more about Lab Grown Diamonds

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