Price Match Guarantee


Arthur's price match guarantee policy will secure your purchase and your peace of mind. Our Price Match Guarantee was instituted to give customers the very best possible price. Please note the terms of our guarantee:

  • Comparing item must be on a competing website and must be verifiable and currently "in stock."
  • Price Match Guarantee is only valid within 30 days of purchase date.
  • Item must have exact specifications as purchased item including color, clarity, certification type, metal content, and weight.
  • Comparing item must be available from an authorized retailer's website. Gray market and independent vendors selling designer jewelry will not be considered.
  • We must be given the opportunity to meet and/or beat the competing price.
  • ArthursJewelers.com reserves the right to deem a competing item "not comparable," and all decisions based off this comparison are final and will not be disputed.

* Advertised or quoted price must be advertised in a media form for the general public. We can't accept handwritten quotes from other jewelers or web-based solicitations by unauthorized dealers - it must be an advertised price. Customer must provide us the advertised piece and it must be for the same style, materials, quality and certification. Qualified, date-stamped e-mail quotes will be accepted for a period of no more than 72 hours from the date stamp.

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