20 Most Popular Wedding Bands for Women

20 Most Popular Wedding Rings for Women

Explore our most sought-after women's wedding rings that showcase stunning, exclusive designs.

1.  Arthur's Most Popular Wedding Band (1/4 ct tw)  SHOP>

2. Arthur's Channel Set Band (1/4 ct tw) SHOP>

3. Arthur's Pave Set Band (1/4 ct tw) SHOP>

4. Verragio Shared Prong Band V-984W (1/2 ct tw) SHOP>


5. Verragio Renaissance-SLD301W (1/4 ct tw) SHOP>

Verragio Tr120

6. Verragio Tradion TR120W (1/3 ct tw) SHOP>

7. Verragio Tradion TR150W (1/2 ct tw) SHOP>


8. Verragio Tradion TR180W (2/3 ct tw) SHOP>

9. Tacori HT2545 1.5 Diamond Band ( 1/4 ct tw) SHOP>

10. Tacori HT2558 Petite Crescent Diamond Band  (1/3 ct tw) SHOP>

11. Tacori Dantela 2630MD Pave Set Band  SHOP>

12. Tacori 2666B Shared Prong Diamond Band SHOP>

13. Tacori 45-1.5 Princess Cut Band ( 2/3 ct tw) SHOP>

14. Tacori 46-2 Sculpted Crescent Diamond Band SHOP>

15. Fana W7150 Twist Diamond Ring SHOP>

16. Sylvie Collection B1P15 Shared Prong Diamond Band SHOP>

17. Simon G LR2943 Shared Prong Diamond Band SHOP>

18. Zeghani ZR1993 Bezel Set Stackable Band SHOP>

19. Shy Creations SC22005549 Twist Diamond Band  (.09 ct tw) SHOP>

20. Hearts On Fire Signature 5-Stone Ring (1/2 ct tw) SHOP>

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